Oil Services

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ALTAZAMON Oil Services offers fully-featured oil services that deliver peak performance to investors. When it comes to oil services, we have everything covered for you.

We provide our valued clients and business partners with the most efficient and cost-effective solutions to get the full support and products they require, utilizing state-of-the-art technology, warehousing capabilities, streamline ordering, extensive supplier network, and seamless billing systems.

Discover Your Key to Success

In a highly competitive oil industry, ALTAZAMON Oil Services key to success is impeccable customer service and fast response. We also take pride of our dedicated and highly-trained in-house workforce, and field technicians to receive high quality service and proper products that meet your specific requirements.

We completely understand our role in supporting the oil and gas industry. It’s actually quite simple. To wit: we are out to provide the highest quality professional services to business owners, investors and stakeholders.

In addition to offering value-focused products and results-driven services, ALTAZAMON Oil Services is proud of our long-time relationships with both local and foreign companies.

To get your imagination going, here are some of the great benefits you get from partnering with our oil services company:

  • Highly professional and reliable support.
  • Prepare projects and technical studies.
  • Site survey and earth movement activities.
  • Installation and oil tanks maintenance and cleaning.
  • Extend oil and gas pipe lines.
  • Integrated array of services that include engineering, logistics, procurement, and environmental assessment.
  • Pipe calibration and pipe leakage detection.
  • Seamless transportation services that include moving of machineries, oil field materials, and camps, among others.
  • Annual maintenance of oil wells, drill and water wells.
  • Civil works, constructions, site preparation, site cleaning, camp erection, camp light maintenance.
  • Logistic services for fuel, food and water supply.
  • Road and desert-airport constructions.

ALTAZAMON Oil Services has built its reputation not only on offering excellent products and services to the market, but also on our dedicated team of well-trained staff, industry expertise, cutting edge equipment, and our commitment to meet the needs of our clients.

Best Quality System Solutions

Our turnkey solutions help oil and gas, petrochemical, and power generation services sectors in Libya and the surrounding African countries enhance their product development, manufacturing and engineering efficiencies.

Other major services we provide also include:

  • Oil &Gas Engineering.
  • General Neutral Contracting.
  • Oil Tools Equipment.
  • Electrical Industries.
  • Real Estate Investment.
  • Waste Water Environmental Services.
  • Electronics &Information Technology.
  • 24/7 Maintenance Emergency.

At ALTAZAMON Oil Services, you get the confidence of teaming up with the best professionals in the oil and gas industry that utilizes bespoke solutions to meet the demands and challenges we are facing today.

Beyond our knowledge, expertise and latest technology, our fast response and flexibility can make it easier for you to create more value to the consumers while working with us.

Contact us today to discuss the specific requirements of your business and how our comprehensive oil services can help achieve your goals.