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ALTAZAMON Oil Tools & Equipments is a full service supplier of quality tools and equipment to the oil and gas industry. We develop innovative and fully-featured services that consistently meet or exceed the expectations of our customers through superb engineering, design and technical support.

At ALTAZAMON Oil Tools & Equipments, we are committed to provide you with the highest quality oil tools and equipment. Years of experience in the business have established us as one of the most reliable specialty supplier and resource for all your equipment needs, with its wider range of products designed to meet the dynamic demands of the oil industry.

Major Features and Benefits

Our company maximizes the ability to respond quickly and efficiently to specific needs of our clients. This approach can deliver many great benefits such as:

  • Providing proven management system and tool selection handled by our competent team of seasoned and trained engineers and oilfield professionals.
  • Supplying you with reliable tools and equipment properly maintained to the highest standards.
  • Responding quickly to your needs wherever you are in Libya or other neighboring countries in Africa.
  • Taking care of all deployment, recovery and maintenance programs of your operation.

Our company teams up with the best professionals to develop a solid and scalable plan to supply you with products that follow the strict quality standards. We have been working with many companies in various oil and gas sands projects.

Our Oil Tools & Equipment
Our comprehensive products line includes:

  • Heavy Duty Machineries
  • Ground Equipment
  • Foundry Products and Mechanical components
  • Handing Tools
  • Drilling String
  • Drilling Rig Support Equipment
  • Rig Floor and Rig components
  • Down hole Fishing Tools
  • Work over equipment
  • Pump Unit and Sucker rod

ALTAZAMON Oil Tools & Equipments upholds the highest standards in client satisfaction and product delivery in the oilfield industry. We make sure that you get the tools and replacement parts you need to ensure the success of the entire operation.

We have been serving oil companies, independent drilling contractors and other local and international service companies.

Our other major oil and gas services also include:

  • Oil & Gas Engineering.
  • Electrical Industries.
  • General Neutral Contracting.
  • Waste Water Environmental Services.
  • 24/7 Maintenance Emergency.

Our comprehensive services are designed to perform in various working conditions to make sure the safety and success of the entire project. We work closely with our clients on their particular requirements to achieve the desired results they want.

Get Started Today!

When you need something fast and quick, our company has a proven track record and the right expertise in providing you with any parts, oil tools and equipment and service transportation to deliver whatever you need in a moment’s notice.

Get the best leverage you need to stay ahead of the curve by utilizing our vast experience, knowledge and best-in-class oil tools and equipment. Send us your enquiries through our contact us form or call our ALTAZAMON Oil Tools & Equipments representative today.

We aim to build a long-lasting partnership with your enterprise, and we will be happy to hear from your soon.